The CPVAA team recently attended the Industry Implementation Group meeting co-ordinated by Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV).  This meeting gives industry stakeholders an opportunity to receive updates on existing issues and learn about new initiatives.

Child Restraints 

They have reviewed child restraints and found that passengers can request capsule / booster seat for their infant when they book a ride.  At this stage this is no consideration to make capsule/booster seats compulsory in unbooked Victorian commercial passenger vehicles (ie, taxis).  It is mandatory for all hire cars (including ride share vehicles) to abide by the rules set down for private vehicles, whereby it is illegal to transport passengers under 7 years old without the necessary booster seats fitted in the vehicle. It is pleasing to note that all Shebah vehicles are required to carry a booster seat.  


The number of complaints from passengers to the CPVV have decreased 50% in 12 months - 2017/18 = 2380 vs 2018/19 = 1127.   CPVV attribute this to the fact that the industry is working better – therefore less complaints.

Booking Service Provider (BSP) Audits

The BSP audits are to be held over the next few months and will be an education for both parties – ie CPVV will be instructing BSPs on what they expect and BSPs will be advising CPVV on how this is being achieved.


The CPVV have great concern about touting at Melbourne Airport but they refuse to believe that the removal of the fine has contributed to the increase in touting.  The CPVV are currently researching what other states and countries do with regards to touters. They will present a report to the Minister this month on what constitutes touting, how widespread it actually is and how they see the regulator being involved in the deterring of this immoral way of procuring passengers.


All taximeters need to be compliant with collection of road tolls by 2020, probably 30/4/2020, which means a software update for the majority of the taximeters.

Safety Cameras

Verify Mk4 and Mk5 Safety Cameras do not meet the current CPVV specifications and they will no longer be approved come 2021.  So those wishing to still be accredited for unbooked work (aka taxis) will need to purchase and install a new camera.

H Plates (Club Permits)

Apparently there are many H plated vehicles being “hired” for special occasions (eg weddings, birthdays, funerals) but they are operating illegally when they do so. These vehicles are NOT allowed to have a CPVV licence and therefore CANNOT transport passengers for payment for any reason.  Their registration and insurance is way lower than regular vehicles and they are not accredited to carry fare paying passengers. If you know of any who are breaking the law – send CPVV or us an anonymous email with the details.