The industry we represent has gone through many upheavals, changes and ideals over the past decade. The name Commercial Passenger Vehicle Association of Australia (CPVAA) is synonymous with the taxi and hire car industry in Victoria, as the government refers to these vehicles as commercial passenger vehicles.

To keep up-to-date with all that is happening in Victoria and Australia, we have reached out to other States and are now setting up State branches and we feel it necessary to change our name to something more appropriately reflecting all participants in the transport industry.

We have decided on the national name of Transport Alliance Australia and we will be putting this to a vote of our members at a Special General Meeting in August.

We are growing, expanding and joining forces with many other associations around Australia. Queensland is our first state to come onboard and they will be known as Transport Alliance Australia - Qld. We are also very close to setting up a branch in Western Australia and it will be known as Transport Alliance Australia - WA.

People who belong to the State branch of Transport Alliance Australia - Qld, - WA, - Vic, will automatically be members of the Transport Alliance Australia Ltd. national body.

The current sponsors of CPVAA will transfer seamlessly across to Transport Alliance Australia. We are also actively looking to bring more sponsors on board that can assist us nationally to bring benefits to our members.

If you, or anyone you know, is able to sponsor us, please contact

The benefits of going national are many. Aside from the support that our sponsors give us, it enables us volunteers (all of us) to continue to represent the industry at many government levels. By giving government one national body to talk to, we can approach them from a position of unity and strength.


This article first appeared in the August edition of Drive A2B Magazine